Interdomain axapta

Hi, Here is a brief situation. We have two geographically separated sites and each site runs its own domain created and trusted under one same forest. I’ll refer these two domains as A and B. We are running Database server and AOS(sp3) in domain A(3 tier thin). Domain B computers are connected with A domain using Point-to-Point serial connection and can access axapta servers running on A site . The problem appears when B domain users try to open pivot table. B domain has trust relationships with A and can access resources like accessing files. Here is the error message when opening pivot table. /** message below **/ Method ‘dataMember’ in COM object of class ‘IPivotControl’ returned error code 0x80004005 (E_FAIL) which means: Cannot connect to server ‘aosdb’ Interestingly, this same message appears when I login locally(not domain login) in A site and open the pivot table. Do all the clients have to login in the same domain as the AOS server or is there any other way to beat this problem? Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave, From the error code it looks like a rights issue to me. Can you see the pivot table manually from Excel at all? Also make sure you add the user to OLAP administrator group on the Analysis server. HTH, Harish Mohanbabu

I just added the IP of OLAP server in another domain in the troubled domain DNS record. Now Axapta clients can find the OLAP server on another domain using IP.