Intercompany transactions

Hi guys!! I need some advices ( Attain 3.6) My client has 2 companies: CAN and USA. The CAN ghas 3 mfg plants. How is it possible to manage sales order coming from the USA company?? It looks like maybe some developments will be required. True???

The fancy way is to setup a commerce gateway solution between the two companies. Other options include some development to automatically create the document in the other company.

Thanks for the quick reply. So how the commerce gatheway isworking?? It it difficult to set up???

If you work for an NSC, you should have access to more information and the installation manual via partner source. Basically it integrates to MS Biztalk server, then inside Navision you enable what documents you want to exchange and who your trading partners are.

Well… another way is using Ctrl-O (also known as change company). If your customer is having all companies in the same database… Regards,