Intercompany trade is weak?

I’m wondering about Intercompany sales/purchase orders! We have two companies that share most tables through a virtual company and Intercompany is setup between them, but either there’s got to be a problem with our setup or the Intercompany functions in Axapta really suck? First of all we use the dimensions ‘Colour’ and ‘Configuration’ with most of our items and from what I have been told we have to setup ‘Company item numbers’ for all the combinations to be able to trade with those items using Intercompany trade, so that’s a few thousands of numbers to maintain [:(!]. Have I been told wrong or is that Axaptas crappy way to handle things? Second thing is that when I create an intercompany purchase order in one company there is actually a sales order being placed in the other company but the sales order lacks some of the information that has been entered in the purchase order, the most important thing missing is ‘Price each’. And if I open the sales order and enter the ‘Price each’, that price is not updated back to the purchase order, which I find weird? How can I configure what information to include in a purchase/sales order? Somewhere in the AOT perhaps? [:D] Thanks for any help!