Intercompany Setup and postings

Hello everyone,

I am using NAV 2013.

I wanted to get some information on how Intercompany posting works in NAV. IT would be really nice if I could get some info on how to set up intercompany postings.

Questions i have specifically in mind are :-

  1. Can I maintain a common Account book for two companies in NAV. There is something called as MApping for G/L accounts for intercompany, how does that work?

  2. If I do a intercompany post , what companies accounts are effected and which G.L accounts would be effected , the posting company or the posted one and therefore are both companies g/l accounts effected by one entry? or do i need to pass the entry in both companies journals?

Excuse me for my limited knowledge or stupid questions, but just trying to understand the concept better.


Look at the following link