Intercompany purchase

Hello everybody!

I was trying to model the following situation using official pdf’s and Microsoft TecNet, but still have issues…

The scenario is that I have site A, warehouse A1 and site B, warehouse B1. Site A purchase to an international vendor once per month a product, and site B purchase this product to site A three or four times per month.

Site A has a minimum of operations, they just get instructions to receive/send x quantity of product, they don’t manipulate AX or any other system, everything is handled in site B.

I’d like to configure intercompany purchase between both of then, in a way that when site B purchase the product to site A, they just need to create the purchase order, receive it and post the invoice, without doing nothing from the “vendor” perspective. I think I have most of it already setup, but the system is saying me that the invoice I’m trying to post, is not the one related with the sales order that the intercompany functionality had created, I would like to avoid this or make it completely transparent to the user.

Can anyone help me with more documentation, suggestions, or recommended setup?

As always many thanks to everybody!