Intercompany Purchase Invoice

Hi Guys,

Do you know i the IC module in NAV 2013 r2 supports sending of Purchase Invoices? I have created a purchase invoice, but when I post it nothing shows up in the IC outbox? If I create a Purchase Order for the same vendor and post it, then the order is put in the IC Outbox. It also works fine on the sales side with Sales Invoices but just not with the Purchase Invoice…



Hi Thomas,

Yes Purchase Invoices are also supported.

But the normal flow is:

  1. Intercompany1 creates a purchase order - the purchase order is exported to the ICoutbox
  2. In intercompany2 this intercompany purchase order is imported as a sales order.
  3. When the sales order is posted in intercompany2 then it’s exported again.
  4. Intercompany1 then imports the sales order from intercompany2 as a purchase invoice.

So I don’t see why you would create intercompany purchase invoice, they are imported.

I guess that makes sence Erik - thanks! :slight_smile: