Intercompany Order Payment


Good day! Currently, our client has Intercompany sales set up where Company A create sales order to customer and AX automatically generates intercompany sales order for company B. Inventory items are stored in Company B so pick and pack, and invoicing process is done in here. Whereas the original sales order status of A is automatically updated depending on the intercompany transaction progress of B.

This means that when the order is invoiced in B, invoice number 12345 (Manual) for company B and invoice number A-INV-001 (Auto-created) for company A are generated.


Is there a way to see the invoice number of company B from the accounts receivable payment journal line or accounts receivable invoice journal query of Company A?

Or is it possible that the invoice number of Company B will also be inherited by the invoice of Company A.

This will help the collection agent to process customer collections.