Intercompany journal entry

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I want to pass an entry for a vendor from company A to the expense account in the company B i.e. vendor of company A did some service for company B, so i want to book the expense in Company B and to the vendor in the company A.

Let us know how can i make this entry in NAV 5.0.

Any sort of help is appreciable. waiting for a quick reply…

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Intercompany entries are for transactions between two YOUR companies, you can’t use Vendor from one for invoice in the other… So, you need to add yor Vendor to company B, too, or company A pays company B (this is true “intercompany” transaction), and B then pays to Vendor.

P.S. quick replies should be awaited from MS paid support, not this (or other) forum - please comply to netiquette further on…

Thanks Modris,

For ur reply…i apologise fo mentioning quick reply coz it was one of the immediate requirement of one of my client.

Anyways thanks for ur response…