Intercompany Invoices with G/L lines in them doesn't show up in Outbox


I am trying to setup Intercompany postings. Firstly want to tell that I am doing fine with purchase and Sales Invoices that have only items in them (so the basic setup is ok), but once the Invoice consists of line with Type G/L account, the Invoice is posted, but it doesn’t show in the Intercompany Outbox Transactions.

Any hints or ideas what might be wrong?

Also I noticed in the G/L account card there is a field “Default I/C Partner G/L account” - as the both I/C partners have the same Chart Of Accounts - should I use this field? I have tried entering the same G/L Account, but the Outbox transaction still doesn’t show.

Thanks for your time!


Found out that I hadn’t created Intercompany Chart of Accounts (Fin.Man.->Setup->Interc.Postings->CoA) Just copy form CoA and Map to Acc. with the same nr. - for basic setup.

Then the Invoice is showing in Outbox transactions.

Is there any White paper or more detailed description about Intercompany Transaction setups ?

Also in Invoice the IC Partner reference and type must be filled.