Intercompany in RTC

Dear all,

I encountered this problem today and need advice on this.

Scenario :

On lookup from a field in form/page from company 1,I want to view the Purchase Orders created in ‘Company 2’

Steps tried:

Created a sample form and page with only one field

I entered the following code in Onlookup trigger of the field,



Issue Faced

When i opened the form in classic client and did the lookup , the PO records belonging to Company 2 were displayed as expected.

But when i opened the page in RTC the PO records belonging the Company 1 were displayed .

Why is the page not displaying the company2 records ? Is there something that I missed here.

Kindly guide me on this.



Can you try to rephrase your code to call the changecompany in the purchase order form instead? Meaning to define a variable for the Purchase Order List and call the “CHANGECOMPANY” in that form.

This should be working.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your solution. It worked . I called the Changecompany from the - OnOpenPage() trigger.

But is there a reason why the first method did not work in RTC ?


Siddharth R

There is a lot of stuff not working properly in RTC.

This might have to do with the fact that the RTC is still quite new and some combinations which are possible are not tested properly.

You should consider to raise a support request within PartnerSource to notify Microsoft regarding this issue.

Most probably they will tell you it is by design, but who knows.