Intercompany errors - How to solve that?

Hi all!

I need to find the best way to correct some errors.

After uploading customer and supplier balances in Navision , we found that an IC Partner was not included in the field IC Code for a Customer ( which in this case is the IC partner also). Now when a transaction must be transferred the is an error . So we are not able from the outbox to create a sales order from the created PO that was sent by the other Ic partner.

How can I handle that properly? there are almost 50 customer open ledger entries that exist due to the uploading of opening balances.

Any clue???


Can’t you just reverse opening balance with a journal and post again correct balance?

Hi Nuno,

Thanks about that.

No, it seems that those open ledger entries have already been applied. I dont know how but I am not able to reverse.

I think I will just create and setup a new customer, transfer the balance from that customer to the new created one; rename the old one to " DO NOt USE" and give it the old one to the correct one.

What do you think about that???


Instead of creating a new customer you could bring balance to zero with journals and insert starting balance again in same customer, avoiding creating phantom data in the beginning on system.
Why you couldn’t reserve posting?