Intercompany Error

Dear All

Ax 2012 CU7

I’m facing the Issue but my transaction is related to INTERCOMPANY, i will explain the case …

Suppose I have 2 companies one in USA & other in KAR my reporting currecy is KAR…

I have defined the all exchange rates in the currency table against the USD and KAR.

I have configured the rounding values also.

Now the issue is from USA … During creation of entry user entered the Fixed exchange rate in the journal line andwhen user posts the intercompany transaction ,

sytem gave the below error messgae…

The Transaction on Voucher INT000001 do not balance as per DATE (acounting currency … & reporting currency 0.00)

What i have noticed is When you post an intercompany general ledger journal by using the fixed exchange rate in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 CU7 the fixed exchange rate is used in the originating company as expected. However, the fixed exchange rate is not used in the destination company.

Can you please help me about this or is there any hot fix available for CU7 ?