Intercomapny Line Discount Rounding Issue


I’ve set up auto 45% line discount to One customer, which is an inter-company, for all the items.

So now, the discount is applyed to all the SO lines to this customer, and the way AX calculates Net Amount of each line is to round to the 2nd decimal. Instead, is it possible to make it truncate at the 3rd digit after the decimal point?

For Example,


50 (Qty) * 6.95 (Unit price) * (1 - 0.45) (Discount) = 191.125 -->(Rounding)–> 191.13 (Net Amount)


50 (Qty) * 6.95 (Unit price) * (1 - 0.45) (Discount) = 191.125 -->(Truncate)–> 191.12 (Net Amount)

If there is a way, would you let me know how to apply the setting?

Thank you very much.