Interacting with Navision 5.0

Hi all,

what is the best way to interact with Navision 5.0?

I wanna pull data from and to push the data to Navision without touching the Database.

Is it web services or C/SIDE OR C/FRONT OR FINALLY C/AL?



Hi Karthik

Your question doesn’t seem to be clear. You want to take out data and put in data into Navision without touching the database?

Then where does the data go if it doesn’t go into the database, or where else can it come from?

Hi Vikram,

u r rite, i need to pull and push data to the database,Just i want to pull data using web service (via SOAP) and write data using the same,

any web service availabvle for that in Navision 5.0? or else any other way to do so without interacting directly with the database?

and c/side is a database or a development tool?

do u have any idea about NAS?



Hi Karthick,

My knowledge on Web services on Navision is very limited. Still, let me share what I know.

Yes, C/SIDE is a Development Tool.

I’ve no idea about NAS.

With newer versions of Navision, Microsoft is giving a lot of web services to integrate it with web. But I think all the web services hit the database in the background to present the data.

A few instances which I’ve come accross regarding web integration in Navision, we’ve used ADO ( ActiveX Data Objects) and XML. I think using XML, you can store i.e. put/push data in some place before you can take that into Navision. Well, that’s about it.

I think some of the experts here could suggest you better ways.



thanks a lot vikram…

what we did earlier in dynamics gp 10 was we used web services to pull and push data without directly querying sql database…

but now i am totally confused, what kind of db is navision using, if it is using sql server it possible to write our own web services, if it is c/side then

c/al would be the best way…

any way let me take web services to interact with nav 5.0…

please let me know if u have answers…