Inter-Company Problem

I have multi companies, around six. A large number of inter companies’ transaction is done daily. The problem is time consuming with data entry; i.e.: a sales transaction from company X to company Y, will be a purchase transaction in company Y. So data is being entered twice and we have to log-in/log-out. Is there any way to simplify or solve this case.

I solved such things with own rogramming and heavy use of the CHANGECOMPANY command. Its not really hard but search for errors is very very very “slow”.

Or maybe you can try using NAS. Sales Order Document in Company X will be automatically converted into Purchase Order Document in the other company. But this solution require programming efforts. And not limited to document conversion, you can also synchronize master data e.g:items,customers,vendors etc from a company to other company in every changes made.

Hi, We do have a module that allows you to transfer among companies, from version 2.60 or higher, all the Purchase and Sales Order, Shipments, Invoices and Credit Memos. If you need information, please contact me.

Also take a closer look at the Commerce Gateway, which is the Navision standard way to solve this scenario. Here in the US i think they just released a price break on all E-commerce offerings. Another benefit of this one is that you can use for your internal companies, but also offer it to your customers/vendors to cut down cost of handling their documents.

Problem: Before I’ll start using Navision in productive system I’m using a test company for simulation but now I want to start setting up the real company and some posted G/L entries from the test one (Some registers actually) I want to import in the new company but it seems there is now way to fill journal lines in the new company with posted G/L entries from another company and to manually fill again in Journal Lines seems Inhuman. The General Journal Line Table wont accept copy/paste from anything nor excel/ dbf and so on. Is there something to be done or I start taking Prozac

Hi, We have an inter-company add-on If you need more information, please do hesitate to contact me

Dan, a little bit off topic, anyway some comments on your inquiry… yes you are right, rather difficult to realize an import form GL Entries to General Journal Lines, and no way to copy/paste from other applications into Navision tables… you could have copied the gen. journal lines before actually posting them into another batch and then simply copy/paste these into your live company. If you do not have these data right now, I see no other way than creating either a special function that creates journal lines based in G/L Entries (might come in handy to create adjustment journal lines) or to write a dataport that fills in journal lines, based in GL Entry information (though that might be difficult if you have been using more than the global dimensions). Anyway, for testing purposes, I would always have the people type in some data, e.g. starting balance, copy the journal lines into your test company, post lines, review the result and correct any errors in the live db. Hope this helps a bit. Saludos Nils