Inter company order cancellation process

Dear All,

In standard ax, we have standard code on PO Order screen to cancel the respective SO order, But if the order is linked to multiple orders it not impacting anything in the other order.

Example: Company 1, I had created the SO, So this will automatically create PO in the same company (By intercompany setup) and On Vendor level we done intercompany setup, so this create the SO order in production company.

i. e SO order(Company 1)----->PO Order same company—> SO in Production company

Case1 : If i cancel the quantity on original sales orders(Company 1 SO), its not impacting on another orders

Case 2: If i cancel the quantity PO order (Company 1 PO), It will cancel the quantity in respected SO order(Production company)

Case 3: If i change the quantity in original sales orders(Company 1 SO), its updating the quantity in all places(It won’t allow us enter’0’)

Can you please help me how to cancel the quantity in all orders, Is there any standard function to cancel ?