Can any body tell how to integrate AX with an application or desktop software

is it required application code too or not?


We could talk days about integration… First look at Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX [AX 2012], then let us know more about your scenario.

In general, you can find an application that can directly consume a file generated by a standard AIF document service, for example. But it’s not very probable. More likely you’ll need some coding - an XSLT transformation, a WCF client consuming AOS services, a custom service and so on.

I am having one software called NeoData and i want to integrate that software to AX

i.e i need to create an interface between these two

Unfortunately I know nothing about NeoData - you would have to tell me something about that. Find integration options are supported by NeoData - they we can choose an appropriate way in AX.

Also, what integration do you need? E.g. what type of information do you want to exchange? Should it be one-way or both-way? Synchronous or asynchronous? Will the other system be in the same network as AX? And so on…

Hi RG,

Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration gets you much more benefits but first you would like to read this article

Thank you.