Can any one give the Integration documents…?[;)]

Integration of what?


What integration documents you are looking for? If you post clear questions, you will receive suitable answers [:)]

Any way you might want to check here -


For example I want to integrate Ax to third party application like i am integrating with (RFID)…i need to study all basic things first.Then i will go for programmings.for basic things i need some materials.

Thank u harrish…

Hi Saju,

We are also willing to integrate the RFID solution in AX2009 to one of our clients. I read that u were working on a similar solution. I am looking for some information regarding the following questions

1). Is Biztalk RFID solution mandatory to integrate RFID to Ax 2009.??

2). Any useful links regarding the RFID integration solution in AX 2009??