Integration with Web Services

Hi all, I am currently working with one opportunity that have this specific requirement, when users save the records into the system, it would need to integrate with web services, say ASP. System would need to pass the key fields to ASP and ASP will return the results. Any ideas on how this can be done possibly in Navision? Do I require C/FRONT or something like that? I thought of the way to setup the triggers in SQL tables… Any suggestions are welcome.

We have been writing a web server in C/AL. This one just uses TCP sockets (Navision SDK) and is listening on port 80 (or any other port you wish). I’m sure you will be able to do the same. It is quite tricky to analyse the HTTP GET command received from the browser. but it can be done.

Hi Thomas, Thanks for the info. Is that alright if we use the TCPCom under Automation for the web service connection? Can you pls advice the automations or OCXs use? Thx…

You need the Automation servers ComCom and TCPSocket from Navision SDK installed. There are several examples around (Forum and Help file)

We use XMLHTTP to communicate with Web-services. eg: CREATE(xmlHTTP);‘POST’,‘’,0); xmlHTTP.setRequestHeader(‘Content-type’,‘text/xml’); xmlHTTP.setRequestHeader(‘SOAPAction’,‘’); xmlHTTP.send(xmlDoc);

I tried to use XMLHTTP in Navision to post xml to ASP page, and from ASP page send data to process in COM+ application (VB). It works, maybe you can try it out in that way.