Integration with supplier warehouse and order chain


We are planning on investing in Dynamics NAV becuse our main supplier have that.

What I wonder is if thete is built in support through EDI or similar so we can get information about out suppliers stock levels, and send orders directly to their system.

What I want to be able to see is the following

  • Send an order and see what status the order has in their system.Any products on rest or everything is sent to the warehouse? What is the expected delivery time set to?

  • Stock levels directly on the article information in our system. “Supplier X has 34 pcs in stock”

Is there built in support for things like this - very tight integration by default? Or does this need much coding?

You can purchase EDI add-ons. You can also purchase pre-populated document mappings for those add-ons. They are not standard, though.

Any recommendations?

I’ve really only used Lanham (

Please contact at