Integration with Profit ERP to Dynamics Ax

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I got an requirement like , Integrate AX with the Profit ERP. when i heared about this requirement first i need to check with the Profit ERP.

Those who have any idea in Profit ERP , if any links are available , Plese forword me. I need a solution for the Integratioon is possible are not from Profit ERP → Ax .

I want to know in wich technology this ERP have developed.

Looling for the Reply…

As far as data fetching into Dynamics AX from any other application is concerned,its possible.You need to do following steps-

1)Write a service in .NET which will periodically fetch the data from Profit ERP database and place it in XML format.
2)The XML format can be decided by verifying the AX AIF service schema.
3) An AX scheduler should be running continuously in order to pull the data from XML into AX.
there should be another services in .NET which should push the data to AX Web Services.

You can take the help from following regarding configuration of AIF web services in AX.

HI Vinay Singh

Thanks for the suggestion, do you have any idea about the Profit ERP in to from wich technology it has been developed.

If u have any links in Profit ERP,please reply me.