integration with JDEdwards on AS 400

Our firm is considering a rather large (50+ branch locations across the us)install of Attain. We will be using Attain (atleast initially) as a frontend pipeline to feed all of the data back to JD Edwards at corporate. I have a lot of experience with Navision but what I need to know is if anyone is aware of someone who has previously made such a connection to JDEdwards that can discuss their experience, tools and/or consultative capability to address our concerns.

Importing is generally trivial. What are you trying to import? What version of JD Edwards are you running a corporate?

My backround with Navision so I understand very well the import and export capabilities of Navision. What I don’t know is how easy we can push and pull in Jd Edwards. (we are running World A7.3 Cum Tape 11. )

We have never intergrated with JDE but with several other application of which also some of these was on as400. We have always used dataport for imp/exp!