integration with BaaN ERP

Hi All, Please send us a information on integration between Navision and Baan(what are the technical options for integrations, are tools available, what are they, cost attached to them, in built features which support integration) and navision with other ERP packages…

Hi Rachuru, You can try

Rachuru, Previously, I worked with Baan IV tools for almost 5 years and I now have almost a year working with Navision. Both packages have their own set of tools so you could concievably develop just about any interface you want. I am no longer up to date on the cost of the tools package on Baan but the developers license for Navision will run in the area of $20k to $30k but this also gives you access to source. I know that even with the tools package on Baan, you still won’t have access to source code which must be purchased separately (BIG bucks).