Integration with AS/400(db2) and Attain

HI My sales order are porcessed on AS/400 where the database is DB2. Now i want to attach Navision Attain (only financials) with the DB2 database, ie at present only sales order are processed on DB2, but for my accounting and finacial ease i want to attach the database(db2) to Navsion Attain. If some one have done this kind of work before, then please help me in this regard,. Thanks in advance, with regards ritesh

Wauhh - I heard about Attain with AS/400 and DB2, but I’ve actually never seen it. Please let us all hear more about this, but I doubt that you will be able to find many users here who know that system. PS: Topic moved from “Attain/Finanicals -Integration Forum” to “Attain/Financials Technical Forum”.

Attain only runs the native db on I-series (AS/400) not DB2. You could read the original post as a matter of exchanging data between DB2 on AS/400 and Attain on a Windows machine. If this is the case i believe has a solution which might come in handy.

We are planning some AS\400 and Navision integration thru ftp interface. Something like this: - DB2 reports to text file - text file is saved at AS\400 FTP - text file is downloaded by some win station running Navision client (either shell(ftp.exe) or some automation called) - dataport loads text file to Navision I’ve done it for SCO-based database before. I would be pleased to hear about other methods for the above one is too old-fashioned:(.

Hello, Are you trying for real time integration or are you going to batch the transactions between the database (daily, hourly)??? Either setup will require using Client Access (ODBC integration)… Although if you are going to use the batch process then have your AS400 program (RPG) create the req’d files and then download (manually) in a “.CSV” format and use a custom data port to import the transactions in Attain… For your further enjoyment and am currently running Navision in a development environment on the AS400… Even with the the native AS400/DB400 database and the Navision database on the same box I would have to move data thru this same set of hoops to create this type of integration… Thanks Robert AS400 → 12 Years Attain → 6 Months and looking forward

I did a batch file AS400 DB2 to Navision and vice versa using text files about a year back. My job basically was limited to using text files so not much of AS involved apart from perodic import.It was posting of a sales order to G/L account where customer info also was imported from another system while inventory specs came from AS400.I guess Synchronisation at AS400 was the main concern either way. Real time!! well I would love to see it happen. Amit