Integration project add transformation


I am trying to import a package in d365 fo using DIXF. I am able to do so for normal scenario ie my data file, manifest, and packageheader files are present. However I have a scenario where I am required to import an xml, where the tags used are not the same as present in D365 entity field names. To map them to the correct field I am using an xslt file in transformations. I am able to do my import using this. However when I try to import it using package I get the following error:

Unable to get resources folder for entity C:\Users… in package folder ‘Credit card transactions’

I have downloaded my import package and added the new xml file to import in the folder and created a zip file to import. My file structure is as follows: >

  1. Resources folder > Credit card transactions folder > xslt file

  2. Credit card transactions (xml file)

  3. Manfest (xml file)

  4. PackageHeader (xml file)

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

If you just want to map field names, you don’t need XSLT at all. This can be done in source mapping.

Hi Martin, I have a requirement to specifically use the xslt since there are some calculations involved for the fields as well, so can’t use source mapping.

You said in a duplicate thread the following “Or could you suggest any other way by which I can store this xslt transform in the system and each time I do import it is invoked, instead of manually doing the mapping every time.”

Could you elaborate your problem, please? Both mapping and transformation should be kept in place in an import project.

Hi, So when I am select a xml file for import, apply transformations against my custom xslt in the portal and import the project it works fine. However when I download this same import project which has the xslt and try to import it another project I get an error that the xslt is not found, although the xslt is present in resources> entity name of the zip file that I am trying to import. Now my query is there any wasy by which I can import this file with generating the mapping each time in d365 or else can I do any setup in d365 or any other development as such so that the xml file I am importing can be mapped to the expected format

What do you mean by downloading and importing a project? Why and how do you do it?