Integration of Navision With Microsoft Fax

Did you anyone integrated Microsoft shared Fax with Navision?

And what does that have to do with “Report Errors on THIS WEBSITE”???

Hi, I am planning to automate the process of faxing using Navision Financials 2.65.C and Microsoft Windows 2003 Shared Fax printer. I already did some small tests and it seems to work fine, what kind of help do you need? Nelson

Hi Nelson, What is with the project ? Can you submit faxnumbers from within Navision to the Fax Printer ? So in the end : Is it posible to fax with one-click ?

Hi Hans, I will post the code I tried. But only later today, OK? Can someone move the topic to the Developer forum or is it better to create a new topic there?

Hi again Hans, First off, some pointers. This was tested using Microsoft Shared Fax Server which is included in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or in Microsoft Small Business Server 2000. It is a simple, yet functional, fax server. Most importantly, it provides an API so you can interface with it programatically. You can find complete information and reference on MSDN in → Networking and Directory Services → Network Communication → Fax Service The code to submit a fax is very simple. Global Variables Name DataType Subtype Length FaxDocument Automation 'Microsoft Fax Service Extended COM Type Library'.FaxDocument ID Code 20 Code CREATE(FaxDocument); FaxDocument.Body := 'C:\My Documents\Test Fax Letter.txt'; //I use a text file to make the body of the message FaxDocument.DocumentName := 'Testing Auto-Fax'; //a name for the doc. so it's easy to find in MS Fax Console FaxDocument.Recipients.Add('123456789','Recipient Name'); //no. and name for one recipient, multiple recipients are accepted ID := FaxDocument.Submit(''); //what server to use: IP, DNS and NetBIOS names are OK, I believe MESSAGE('Fax Document ID: %1',ID); //give back the ID from the fax server, not necessary There are a lot more properties for the FaxDocument object, I am only using a few here. For example: Sender, CoverPage, Subject, Note, ScheduleTime, Priority, etc. Also, the ‘Microsoft Fax Service Extended COM Type Library’ Automation Server includes a lot more Classes, but I am unsure if they are of use on a simple auto-faxing solution. For production use, I would expect this kind of code to be run just after the creation of some kind of document. This is what I have, it looks promising and will probably be used to automate the process of faxing from Navision. I hope this is already of some help for you, post back what you think.

Thanks Nelson

Hello Nelson, Is it possible to fax automatically out of Navision with MS Shared Fax Server, which is included in Small Business Server 2000,. I am asking because according to Navision it is not possible to use this combination. You say that it can work. Are parameters such as the fax no. automatically passed to the fax server? Is this tested? Looking forward to your reply! With best regards, Bernie

Hi Bernie, I think that the Shared Fax which is included with Windows Server 2003 is basically the same as the one in SBS 2000. It is even possible to use the single workstation Fax Services of Windows 2000/XP. They all provide similar API access to the Fax printer. Take a closer look at the sample code I provided above. I think you will understand how it works. You have to provide the Fax No. through a function call. Does Navision really say such a thing? Or are they saying that it is not possible without some kind of development? Best regards PS: Since the topic was moved into the right forum (thanks), I had a hard time finding it again [:)] Sorry for taking so long to answer

Hi, we also plan to switch to Shared Fax on 2003 Server with 3.7, (now we are working with 2.6 and Tobit Faxware). We did some tests on XP, with both (2.6 and 3.7) clients, without any integration, simply printing the report to the fax printer. The problem is that Navision prints, the Fax Assistans starts up, and then you cannot enter a number into the fax assistant to send to, since the window seems to get set to inactive again each time immediately after you click into it. I think it is the Navision Print Dialog that does this. Has any body got this simple version of faxing to work? Best regards Stephan Huber

I had the same problem, but it is an easy fix. To get the report to print you have to change the ShowPrintStatus on the property page of the report to be “NO” What’s happening is the print status is interrupting the shared fax dialog box. It is simple to change and then it will work great. Hipe this answers your question David

Hi shuber, I have just tried it and I get the exact same behaviour as you. It becomes necessary to press the Fax Wizard Next button 4 or 5 times before it reacts to the input. I tried setting the Report property ShowPrintStatus to No, but I still get this printing window from Navision. Luckily, this is not a problem for me because I only need automatic faxing. But it is very annoying if you are using it the regular, standard way.

Hi David, I was in the middle of replying when you posted your message. Already tried setting the ShowPrintStatus property to No but without success…

Hi Nelson, That’s unusual, I just tried it on a few new reports in v3.7 and with showprintstatus “on” nothing worked (you get stuck in a dialog box), as soon as I changed it to “No”, everything works like a charm, we use it daily to send invoice copies out when customers call to request a copy, it is invaluable for that. We are using the Microsoft shared fax that comes with Small business server 2000. David Mavis

Argh! I am using Shared Fax from Windows Server 2003. Just tried it on Windows 2000/Attain 3.60, Windows 2000/Financials 2.65C and Windows XP Pro/Financials 2.65C. No luck… This property is driving me crazy!!!

Hang on… I just did the following: 1) Change one of my Reports to No Print Status, try it → No go! 2) Close Navision program, run again and login, go to design, make sure it was set to No, try it → Nope! 3) Change the Sales Invoice Report, try it → it works!!! 4) Go back to my Report, try it again without designing → it also works!!! Do I need to get my head checked?! [xx(]

Hi all, This topic is very interesting to me. It would be a very effective if our company can implement this. So far, we did the faxing in traditional way. We print the paper works ( Orders, Invoices, Customer Statement) and fax it one by one to our Customers. It takes so much time to complete. I am a new comer with this forum and Navision. It would be greatly appreciated if somebody can help me and tell me about the requirements and how implement this step by step. We have 2 kinds of fax machine: 1. Toshiba Dp125f 2. Toshiba Dp85f Thaking you all in advance.

Hi, To automate the faxing procedure you will require the following:

  • A fax interface which can be connected to a computer (tipically a fax/modem or a dedicated fax board)
  • A faxing program which offers some kind of API for allowing external programs to act as clients programatically (in this topic, Microsoft Shared Fax included in Windows Server 2003 or Small Business Server 2000)
  • A program developed to connect to the server API and control the sending of faxes (Navision, of course)
    I hope this small info becomes useful for you.

Hi Nelson, I’ve checked our fax machines, it has paralel ports. Instead of using the fax modem, I think we can connect those fax machines to the computer using this paralel port, like to connect the normal printer to the computer. Instead of connect the fax machine to the particular computer and sharing the faxes to the other computer, can we put and share the fax machines in our LAN? Nelson, Could you please explain more detail for the requirements no.3? Thanks, Panca

Usually there is one computer which acts as a Fax Server. I am not sure if there are standalone Fax Machines which can perform the same function by themselves just by connecting directly to the network. The Fax Server is a computer who has fax capabilities and shares this resource throughout the network. Client computers connect to the Fax Server and submit faxes which the Server then sends out. There are many, many Fax Solutions working this way and searching on Google will show you a lot of info. But, no matter which one you select, what the End-User actually sees is pretty much the same in all of them. There will be a Shared Printer on the network Fax Server. If the users print to this special device, there will be no printed output - a fax will be sent instead. Tipically, at the time of printing, there will be some sort of wizard that asks for needed information (recipient’s fax no., recipient’s name, etc.). In some situations, Call Centers or busy Customer Service Departments are one example, this solution is still not optimal. To fully automate the sending of faxes, the Fax Server must then provide an external programming interface. This allows developers to write functions that automatically set the required fax information from, for example, the Customer Card in Navision. Users would then only need to press one button on an Order Card. Behind the scenes, the system would be preparing an Order Confirmation Document, getting the correct Fax. No., attaching a Cover Page and submitting it to the Fax Server (this of course being only one of the many possibilities). I hope not to have stated the obvious and that this is in someway helpful for you.