Integration between 3.70 & UPS Worldship

Anyone has an out-of-the-box Integration between 3.70 & UPS Worldship that they sell?

I think Lanham and Associates out of Atlanta, GA might be able to help you.

Ed, Take a look at the Keyed Import/Export routine available in WorldShip, with this functionality you can connect to an ODBC source and pull as well as push back data from WorldShip automatically. I found that it works better when connecting to Navision through an Access database because of the way UPS WorldShip translates the data. It takes some time to get familiar with the functionality, mapping and restrictions but UPS Tech Support is very helpful and it works very well when setup - and all you need is ODBC, WorldShip and Navision, no external/additional/third party technology needed! Regards, Bruno

We are also doing this using Access D/B to Import and Export with UPS Worldship. It’s pretty simple and we are on 2.65C NavFin. Worldship can easily read/write to Access and the Imprort / Export functionallity is easy using the Worldship wizard. Be carfull - there are issues with Voided shipments and Hundredweight charges where multiple packages are part of the total shipment. UPS only carries the charge for the total shipment and not each package once the 100lb barrier is reached.

I am also about to tie UPS Worldship to Navision. I am curious as to how Microsoft Access can help connect to Navision - wouldn’t it be easier just to send it directly from Navision to UPS WorldShip as a CSV file back and forth?

Reckless… because you just need to create an access database with two tables, one for exporting from navision and one for exporting from ups. UPS Worldship access the database reading the values (and deleting them after) from the table navision fills and fills on shipments the other table. Navision does the same (using the opposite tables) on a periodic activity… and you’re having everything synch. It’s pretty easy and working pretty good.

We use e-ship from Lanham and Associates. If you want hassle free integration with UPS, FedEx, LTL, etc. you should really check it out:

Thanks to all that replied. We also use and like the Lanham product for some customers, but sometiems a new customer wants to keep their Worldship. Regards, Ed

In utilizing Keyed Import/Export routine available in WorldShip, how would this business process flow in Navision 3.70 or 4.00? Customer calls in and asks if order has been shipped. Customer Service wants to to search by customer ID/Name for recent shipments–would be nice to find rows ordered by date shipped, invoice number, UPS tracking number and be able to drill down on invoice for details of items shipped, backordered, etc. and click hyperlink to track package by UPS tracking number. Can this be accomplished with/without customization?

Robert, all can be done with eship from Lanham & Associates. It’s not free but it works. You can even send order confirmation, ship notification, etc. automatically during the posting process.

I’m with Crazy Bean. We use eShip to and it does everything you’re looking for. Ask for a demo.

I have a word document with screen shots from our Integration with UPS and Navision. I actually used Microsoft Access as a go between. It worked very well. We have since switched to a program called Starship as it integrates with UPS,FedEx and US Mail. If you would like the instructions I can send them to you. Thanks, Edward

The reason you use Access as the middleman is due to the fact that 3.60 and greater ODBC driver takes literally 20 hours to connect. When using access as the go between it takes 20 seconds to connect. Also you would use ODBC to get data into Worldship but use the automated Worldship text export to get data back to Navision. I have integrated Worldship to Navision numerous times and will answer any questions, email me at

I have successfully implemented a solution using Navision, Zope, MySQL, and UPS Worldship. Zope keeps a connection to Navision open all the time, thus all connections are instantaneous. A cron job requests data from Navision via Zope and populates the Navision table in MySQL. UPS Worldship does a keyed import from this Navision table using MyODBC and the Shipment number. UPS Worldship then exports to MySQL directly, again using MyODBC. When invoicing user needs tracking number & freight charges for sales order, they press F11. A daemon on Linux listens for the request, and creates a CSV file for import into Navision. The CSV file is dataported into a table, & the data written to the sales order. All at no cost if end-user owns the granule Application Developer. Works like a charm, and data is available both on Navision and on the Linux/MySQL system for reporting. The Zope connection also services Apache web requests by customers, to access sales orders/backorders, shipments, and tracking. (Much more could be available, only programming required.) Zope uses the mxODBC Zope Database Adapter to enable ODBC connectivity, and C/ODBC to connect to Navision.