Integrating Web based API with AX2009

Hello everyone

I need to integrate an external web based API with Dynamics AX2009. I have been tasked to

  1. Create HTTP request and send
  2. Catch the response, which will be XML
  3. Interpret the XML to pull the necessary data into approriate tables in ax.

I haven’t done anything like this before and all the materials i have found are not helping me. They all keep mashing up WCF, Web services and API and because am new to this, the whole thing is confusing me.

Can someone please walk me through how to do this??

Thank you

Moving your post to AX forum for faster response and correct answer.

AIF Web Services is the solution out of the box. You would suggest using it, if possible, although you can also implement your own solution using the same architecture - an ASP.NET application communicating with AX through the Business Connector.

If the “web based API” is a web service and the call needs to be triggered by AX, you can add a web service reference directly in AOT and call the service from X++ code.

Check for the AX version when getting information from the internet - web services are implemented differently in AX 2012.

Nevertheless you will have to learn about web services, WCF (a .NET framework for working with web services) and these things, if you want to do such a type of integration.