integrating Sales Quotes with Simulated Prod. Orde

out-of-the-box Navision does not allow for creating a Simulated Production Order off the Sales Quote screen. this integration is available between Sales Orders and Planned/Released Production Orders. bringing in a change to integrate Sales Quotes and Simulated Prod Orders seems easy to do. I’d welcome feedback from anyone having done this.

Hi, This is not so easy. The main problem is tracking. It is quite complex system from programming point of view. But your solution center can do this. Also you will need to change Availability logic. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi, I agree it is not very simple to do it. Although you can use the source type as Sales Header option on the simulated production orders which will then allow a look up only to Quotes on the source No. field. You will receive a message “Reservation is Illegal”. If you handle this exception in the reservation management codeunit. You can create a Simulated order linked to a quote. But then this would mean that your entire application is crippled of Reservation functions. Best regards, Prashanth