Integrating Navision with web services


I need to integrate Navision with a web appln. which is built on J2EE. Here Navision will act as a back-end (like maintaining inventory, for MIS report generation etc) and the web application will act as front end (like selecting the items or customers then sending the transaction data).

It was suggested that the communication between these 2 application will happen through web service. Where Navision will have 2 ports for receiving and sending the data through HTTP.

With this background, I have few queries,

  1. Whether we will be able to succeed in integration of the applications.

  2. What are steps that has to carried (I have read some documents but was not fully convinced).

  3. Has anyone done in the past?

I hope, you have understood my query. Because I am nil on web service and XML.

Thanks & regards,


This is a good place to start.


thanks for the reply,

but it talks about the .NET platform. but here in my case, there is already one web appln. in J2EE.

So how to integrate