Integrating Navision with Solidworks EPDM


I have a task for integrating Microsoft Navision with Solidworks EPDM. The integration is two way which involves for example querying items from Navision and creating item in navision from Solidworks EPDM. Solidworks EPDM is by the way a Document Management system from Solidworks.

Solidworks EPDM has its API in I have downloaded Microsoft Navision from the downloads section in this site. Request you to guide me in executing this task. I am expert. Is there any .net wrapper classess available for Navision.

Thanks in advance



If you are on 2009, Nav can expose webservices that you can consume in .NET and do your integration.

I am the PDM Admin at my company and am very interested in knowing how this is working for you. My company also uses SW EPDM as well as Navision. Are you exporting the data from EPDM directly into Nav? If so how? I must admit I am very green on Navision and my background is in engineering. I was thrust into this role as my company had layoffs earlier this year. Right now my manager is pushing this manual BOM creation that I feel will not provide any good communcication with Nav. How is your companies PDM BOM setup? Does it use the built in BOM module to communicate with Nav?



You might want to take a look at our CAD-ERP data integration system, for which a SolidWorks Enterprise PDM connector is available:

Ricardo Talbot
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As Rashed Amini suggest web service is best option for integration.

All the Business logic also applied data you are modifying.

Gautam follow and try to integrate web service in you can find easily how to do work with web service.

Or still you need help i will explain you.