Integrating NAV 5.0 with Fastreact

Hi, I just want to know the basic steps involved in integrating NAV 5.0 with other software products…eg Fastreact. Can someone explain the steps and other required servers etc please ? A place where I can find detailed info would be ideal !



There are many ways to communicate Navision with external applications (MSMQ, automation, dataports, etc). I don’t know Fastreact. Can you tell the preferred way of Fastreact integrate with external applications?

Hi Chaminda, welcome to the Dynamics User Group [:D]

Sorry, but I don’t know Fastreact. Basically there are a number of components to integration with Navision, but the first step is designing what needs to integrate, and deciding what functionality/data is duplicated and what is unique in each system, and then to work out how often the systems need to be synchronized.

Once you define this, you then look at the options for the Technical component of the integration (I think that is what you are asking here) since Navision has many options available to link data, and to decide which method to use you need to define what it is you need.