Integrating CRM and NAV 2016 for multiple companies

Is there any way in NAV 2016 we can filter records on CRM tables (like CRM Account) to only show records specific to that company only ?For Example if we have two companies ABC and XYZ. When we execute table “CRM Account” it shows records from both the companies .

Yes, you can use the CHANGECOMPANY function and accomplish this, you can make a copy of the CRM account table to 50000 range table and then write a processing only report. Run and write the code in ABC company with appropriate filters and in your code use CHANGECOMPANY(XYZ) and filter the CRM account table and write both the current(ABC) and XYZ results to your 50000 range created table. Please refer to CHANGECOMPANY function and you have to be very careful how you use this function to extract correct transactions from other company.