Integrating Country Localizations in one database

Hi We have currently started the rollout of a Navision 3.70 kernel to several European sites. All sites will work on one centrally-managed database. The target is to bring NL, FR, DK, IT, ES, UK, DE, NO, SE, AT to this system. In this phase we are collecting the country-specifics that are really necessary to fulfill legal requirements. To ease this phase, we are searching for a functional specification per country localization. If you have experience in this matter and can help me with some tips on where to find information, specifics for the mentioned countries, please do. It will help us to take a good start. Many thanks in advance, Regards, Steven

Hehe, quite some work. At least for DK there are no changes to W1 !!! (except some minor form changes)

Hello Steven, It would be wonderful to have a summary of specific functionality for every country. I have and old document for the polish version, if you need this, give me a sign. Greetings, Nico

Thanks Nico for your kind proposal. Unfortunately, Poland is not (until now) a country in which we do a rollout. I have already received a summary on IT and DE. Any people have the data for other country: you’re welcome. I will be glad sharing the one’s I have. Thanks, Greetings, Steven

Hi, I have GB, US, DK, NL, SE companies in one W1 database. Only special localizations (as I remember) is two for GB: A Remittance Advice report for purchase payments (my comment: why not just send the money?) and a new address format with postcode in the last line (othervise the Royal Mail wouldn’t handle the mail they said). More of cultural ideocyncrasies then technical as I see it. [:)] //Pelle

Hi, the AT changes are not too heavy: * some stuff around general ledger called IFB * VAT statement related stuff That’s more or less it. regards

Hi Steven, You are lucky that your project doesn’t embrace Russia. I believe that RU localization is the most sophisticated that Navision has ever known[:)] But if you ever decide to expand your rollout to the East, I will be happy to help with specifications and other stuff, there is even the entire manual guide published by russian MBS[:)] Regards, Dmitry

Pelle, One important modifcation in GB from W1: certain fields are extended from 30 to 50 characters, e.g. customer name. As a result a load of additional tables have also been done (e.g. 5050 contact). Regards Meint

Hi, we plan nearly the same project like the initiator. So that’s why I would like to ask, if anyone can send me the collected documents with the country-specifics to …edited … Thanks in advance!! Chris Edited: Please if anyone has such a document, upload it in the download section, and paste a link here. If you have problems, PM me, and I will sort it out.

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