Integrate RTC in Internet Explorer

I have recently read this post
I have no problem accessing my default DynamicsNAV server instance with hyperlinks.
But the problem is with the other five instances runing on my computer.
Accoding to the table below, if I want to access my nav server instance “test01”, which is running on port 7048, I could use [color=#0000FF]“DynamicsNAV://localhost:7048///” [/color]or to access a particular page then [color=#0000FF]“DynamicsNAV://localhost:7048///runpage?page=60000”. [/color]But I cannot connect, I keep getting message that the program could not establish connection to server.
Note, all of my services are running.

Do I need to change some settings somewhere or what do I have to do to get this working?
By the way, on our development environment it is not possible at all to connect using hyperlinks, not even to the default server.

It’s me again [:$] I found a better explanation her

And everyting works fine.
I’m sorry to bother you people, but there might be someone out there like me, not doing their research properly, so I hope that they can use this post, and I’ll definitely do my research better next time.