Integrate report & RTC

i already create report … let say 50001
and then i create layout for the RTC
i test it using run DynamicsNAV:////runreport?report=50001

now i want to integrate my report with my RTC
how can it be done?

Make your Classic Client Report being available in your navigation pane. Then transform your menusuite to RTC using Menu transformation tool.Having transformed your menusuite go to departments in RTC. Search your report in the menu. For menu transformation visit the link

This will describe you to transform menusuite.

Here are some steps to add report to role centre menu

  1. In the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic client, open Object

  2. Click the Page button.

  3. Select page 9009, Whse. Worker WMS Role Center.

  4. Click Design to open the page in Page Designer.

  5. Select an empty line in the designer. Click View, and then Actions to
    open Action Designer.

  6. Scroll down to the Action that has Customer Labels as its Caption.

  7. Click the Separator button to insert a separator.

  8. Move the cursor one line down.

  9. Press F3 to insert a new empty line (or select Edit, New).

  10. On the new line, in the Caption field, enter a name for the action:
    Inventory Matrix.

  11. In the Type field, select Action.

  12. Click View, and then Properties to open the Properties window for
    the new action.

  13. In the Value field of the RunObject property, click the drop-down
    arrow and select report 123456701 in the Object List window.

  14. Compile and save the page.

  15. Open the RoleTailored client.

  16. In the navigation pane, click the Role Center page.

ok thanks a lot

but why i cannot design navigation pane like usual?

because it was said that i dont have permission to modify ‘MBS’ menusuit

do i need any granule to doing that?

or just by transformation tool?


Your license file is not supported.

what granule should i have?

You should have developer license to perform menu transformation

what the?