Integer field value changes automatically after closing form [AX 2012]


i have a weird phenomenon. I created a table with an integer field. That field is mandatory. In a new form I added that table as datasource and dragged the integer field into a grid. I open the form and for example enter the value “1”. When I close the form and re-open it, the value had changed from “1” into “34785726”… I looked into table browser after I closed the form and the value I entered really changed to some random value.

This problem doesn’t always occur. Sometimes my values which I entered get saved, but sometimes it also changes into some random value…

Does anyone know how this could happen???

Hi AnonX,

Its really a weird one…
I think something really went wrong on table, try to synchronize table & check.

Are there any relations on the field? Which EDT did you use?

I don’t have any relations and the field is for the calendar weeks, so I used the standard EDT “Week”.

I tried to synchronize, compile and everything. Created some records and deleted them again. Now, the behaviour doesn’t occur anymore [:D] At least for now…