Insurance and transport fee datas in a report

Dear All,
I have a problem about designing a report. The problem is to put a field “insurance fee” and “transportation cost” in a footer, after subtotal, discount but before VAT %. so, if I use posted sales invoice (either header or line) as the source of report, from where I can obtain the both datas (insurance and transport), do I have to create a field first, if I am not allowed to create a field, are there any other way to do that…?
tku for your ans.



Insurance and transport fees must be posted to GL when you invoice them. This means that you need to create special lines for it in the Sales Order/Sales Invoice.

These will either target a resource or directly a G/L account.

Now you can “Skip” these lines in your invoice and create another section just below the discount displaying those lines.

Do I need to create a new field in the section designer or I must use dataitem, and put it indented below sales invoice header and line…?


You need a new section for a new dataitem.

This is a fairly common request, i.e. to print Invoice line information at the bottom of the report. There are many ways to do this, but here is the way I normally do it.

Add a new option field “Revenue Type”::’ ,Insurance, Freight’ to the tables:
Sales Line
Sales Invoice Line
Sales Cr. memo Line

Add new Flow Fields “Insurance Amount”, “Freight Amount” that are Sum fields based on the line tables to
Sales Header
Sales Invoice Header
Sales Cr. memo Header
(These are based normally on Amount or Amount Inc. Tax fields, according to your clients needs).
and don’t forget that you will need new keys and SIFT fields in the line tables.

Now when the user enters an order or sales Iinvoice, they select the appropriate Revenue Type, and the flow fields can now be used on the reports.

When you craete reports now you simply need to insert a “Calcfields” command, and add the flow field where you need it printed.

I have tried many different methods, but this is generally the one I use the most often. The only thing is that I don’t normally create one field per revenue type, but normally add a new FieldFilter and add it to the Flow Field formula, but for your current needs the solution above is easier. ANd has the advantage, that an end user with basic designers can easily add new options themselves at a later stage.

Dear David,

Tku for answer. I will try. and let know the next problem. I would also like to ask you how to put bank account but in the footer of sales invoice line, so I don’t need to create bank account header by using F3. I have created the bank account in the C/AL Global with record bank account, but in the report I need the account to select the bank where customer must pay directly to the bank.