Insuffient memory error

A user is getting insufficient memory error randomly while others dont. Any ideas what could be an issue.? Deleting and reinstalling again NAV would help?


It’s usually caused by an infinite loop in the NAV code. If you can, turn on the debugger while running the process under that user id and trace through the problem.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for reply. I am aware of that but the issue is some other user dont face this problem. Also this user is facing same issue when the user just trying to open Customer ledger entries form. Any ideas?


What all have you tried already? Try deleting the zup file, doing a reinstall. Is it specific to one physical machine or just to one login?

I havent yet triend anything. It is specific to one machine that is the reason I am thinking to re-install the NAV. Just was confirming if it was worth doing it.

Or ther server might need tuning? I will try to reinstall and see what happens but if I have all the options to look at then it will be great.

Thanks Matt you are a pro.