Insufficient rights to execute Menu Item Show copy

I currently have a group of users who cannot copy preview.
The user has full view rights in the inquiry sections.

Step 1: Go to AR module
Step 2: Inquires
Step 3: Journals
Step 4: Invoice
Step 5: Preview/Print
Step 6: Copy Preview

Receive the following error:
Insufficient rights to execute Menu Item Show copy.

Any suggestions on how to correct this would be appreciated. It has to be something simple, but I am not seeing it.

is the user member of administrator group? if it’s not please refer to user group permission in administration module. then check the permission.

hope it’s help

  1. In user group permissions, expand the Miscellaneous section.
  2. Scroll down until you find the “Show copy” entries.
  3. Set view permissions for both “Show copy”,SalesInvoiceCopy and “Show copy”,FreetextInvoiceCopy.

This should fix your problem. (It’s important to set both the “Sales” and “Freetext” in this case as the menuitem’s method references both in this case. If view is set on only one, you’ll get this error as well.