Insufficient memory to run script

I have created a AIF service to export the data from ax 2012 to Dell Boomi. For small data size it is working fine but i am trying to export large data it is giving me the error " Insufficient memory to run script ".

[AifCollectionTypeAttribute(‘return’ ,Types::AnyType),SysEntryPointAttribute(true)]
public AifXml TransactionsXML_230()

XML xmlReturn; // xml extended data type declaration

XmlDocument doc;
XmlElement nodeXml;
XmlElement nodeTable;
XmlElement nodeAccount;
XmlElement nodeName;

doc = XmlDocument::newBlank();
nodeXml = doc.createElement(‘TRANSACTIONS’);

//XML File Generation logic; // converting to xml
//return “xyz”;
xmlReturn = doc.xml();
return xmlReturn;


the xml EDT String Size is (Memo) which can store a large amount of data. but still i am getting this error. for confirmation followed the bellow link please give me any fix.

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You might want to look at my blog post about this error. It documents what I found about it and how.

In your case, the best option likely will be using several smaller messages instead of a single huge one.