Insufficient inventory transactions with status Received


When i try to post a movment journal.Am getting this error-"Insufficient inventory transactions with status Received
". why does this comes. How can i solve this?



You are posting the Movement journal, after Data Excel import?

(i.e.) Data Excel Export - Exporting the Movement Journal related tables from the system fill the required details and do data import process.

If so, fill the column of Receipt status as “Ordered” in the exported excel sheet along with the other required details and then start Data Import Process and post the journal.


D. Praveen Kumar.


Am not importing or exporting. I created new line and tending to post. Am using bom item and error occurs when i choose bom item only. And if Qty is 0 then it is getting posted. What i need to do?

A movement journal will move stock - the system is telling you at the required dimension level you have 0 that you are trying to move, so it is not letting you move it.


So it means that it has no stock, so it can not be moved. Right? if so then am able to move itemtype item which have no stock. So what i have to do?

Yes that is correct.

To move it the inventory model group has to be set to allow negative stock.

Answer me this though - how do you move somehting you do not have? [:D]

thats right and logic too. But when CreditNote is created for item through SO. Then i can post movement Journal na. how to handle this.

Dpepends on teh item, and how you process the “credit note”. Has it been received back into stock, if it has then you can move it, if not you cannot. Simple.


Please help me with this,

in this case only what is diff bwtween finance posting and physical posting

please in reff of this case only…


Physical posting will happen when the inventory is updated physically.(like your pakingslip, Report as finished)

Financial posting will happen when the inventory is updated financially.(like invoice posting Ending the production orders)

The physical postings will be reversed when the actual financial posting are happened in the sytem.

Can you make the statement more clear.