Insufficient inventory transactions with status Purchased.

Dear All,

when I am trying to post an invoice for PO, I got ‘Insufficient inventory transactions with status Purchased.’

For this item and PO

Received 5 Invoiced 4 Invoice reminder 1

When I looked into item transaction I noticed there are 3 packing slips without financial dates

Packing Slip 1 with Status Received Qty 1

Packing Slip 2 with Status Deducted Qty -1

Packing Slip 3 with Status Received Qty 1

Then in the parameter I changed to packing slip and clicked Select Packing Slip I saw all three packing slips checked. When I click ok I got the below error message ‘The inventory quantity to match for packing slip 2 item 10253780 cannot be reserved.’

From some forums I read, deleted all the records in table [PURCHPARMSUBLINE] and PURCHPARMSUBTABLE.

But still I am not able to resolve the issue.

Please guide me on this.