insufficient inventory transactions with status purchased ax 2012

while posting invoice in AX 2012.

Item: XYZ Size=1,Color=Red

insufficient inventory transactions with status purchased .

Compare purchase order and invoice values.

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What is the status of the inventory transaction?

How many are on the receipt?

Are you using 3 way matching and if so is the order received?

Are you generating the invoice from the order?

Does the model group insist on registration and is it? Any other model group settings for receipt?

  1. I have 6 receipts agaisnt this purchase order
    00001169_062 7086/72858 6/13/2014
    00001169_062 7087/72858 6/13/2014
    00001169_062 7088/72858 6/14/2014
    00001169_062 7089/72585 6/14/2014
    00001169_062 7586/73044 6/25/2014
    00001169_062 7587/73044 6/25/2014

  2. We are not using Matching Policy

  3. We are Generating Invoice from Proforma Invoicing

I. First we create the Performa Invoice againt the packing slips/Receipts
II. Generate then Invoice

  1. We use Model group on Item, Not on receipt

If possible please post the screen shot of your Inventory trans for that item.

file is attached, for live view , skype id : shakoor_dgi

There was same problem yesterday , you can refer to that : Somebody has replied as below :

"Can you please confirm if the “InvoiceRemainder” on any of the line of PO is not equal to the related “quantity” on the inventory transaction with reciept status as “Received”.

Usually one of the reason for this the data corruption on the PO and the item transaction.

Hi Hemlet,

Have you received any solution to this?