Installing updated license

I have an updated license to install on my file server. The file server uses Windows NT. I started to read through prior posts to find the steps needed and ran across a potential issue with zup files. This is the procedure I will use. Please let me know if there is something I am missing: 1. Have all users log off Navision. 2. On the server, Start>Control Panel>Admin Tools>Services then Stop Navision Service. 3. Archive current fin.flf files (Such as: fin06112003.flf). 4. Replace ALL fin.flf files with the new license changing the license name to fin.flf . 5. Start the Navision Service. 6. Have users logon. The post I read mentioned someone had problems with the zup files. 1. Are these all the steps needed to install a new license? 2. Will all the zup files default to original setup? 3. If so, per each PC, can the current zup file be renamed temporarily and then renamed back to the original zup after the new license is installed? 4. Did I miss anything or do I need to know more info? 5. I looked in the Navision HELP but did not find anything. Where is this info located in Navision? After performing a search for all *.flf files, I notice about seven or eight fin.flf files throughout the file server. I don’t think all of these are needed. Should the fin.flf file be located in a paricular directory? Thanks for replies!

IMO, you can directly update the license file in Navision. Tools → License Information → Change Try it. tell me the result.

Hi Gillie, what you are sugggesting is ONLY for the client, this will not change the server license. Skolink, you got it right, there are a lot of peculiarities in getting licenses on Navision with different servers. Since you are using NT, it is pretty straight forward, and the FLF file will be stored in the same directory as the Navision server files. It is normal to find at least 3 flf files on a server, the one in the server directory, and then if the client was installed, a cronus and your license may be there. The other ones are probably old developers licenses from your NSC, these you should delete. hope this helps.

Gillie, Thanks for the info. I think what I am trying to do needs to be changed at the server level for all users, however. The change needs to be transparent for everyone so that when they log onto Navision, everything remains the same rather than going PC to PC to change the license. If it is done your way, though, will the zup files remain intact for all the users? Last time we lost all the changes and started to have mutiny and I had to change my name…

Hi David, Appreciate the reply. I looked at my server and noticed Navision is located on the C drive in Program Files. Also, the fin.flf file is located in three places here. 1. C:\Program Files\Navision 2. C:\Program Files\Navision\Client 3. C:\Program Files\Navision\Database Server It seems that logically the license file should only be located in one place such as Client (for the Client’s license!). It also seems logical that ALL PC’s should point to just that one location as well. On the D drive the fin.flf file is located seven or eight different places. The D drive holds the developer’s files. I’ll change all three files only on the C drive and see what happens. Sounds like I have some house cleaning to do… Thanks again David for all your help! Louis

Hello Louis, the licence file used in a server connection is always the one that is installed on the server, therefore it is definitly not necessary to replace the licence file on the clients PCs. Therefore it is definitly not necessary to go from PC to PC neither will you affect the zup files of the users, as they are stored locally, or at least in the user’s profile. The important part is that you change the licence file on the server (Tools - Licence Information - Change), changing it from your workstation will only have a local effect. Regarding the different flf files, as David point out, most of them are not necessary, e.g. on the PCs of the users there shouldn’t be any licence file, or just the demo licence. You can simply open the flf files with Notepad and check the adress and the included modules/granules. Saludos Nils

Thanks for the help. Installing the new license was a piece of cake!