Installing UP

I have a question for anyone. I am in the middle of setting up our testing machine here and have run into an error in the Posting Sales Order process in UP. First problem is I’m not a xml developer so I’m trying to do this with html and c/al language knowledge. The error states that "The operating system cannot find the drive and directory specified for the file . Please check that the drive, directory and file names are correct. " I am using the standard objects from the cd (3.60A)and am out of luck with finding a resolution to this issue. I have tried to copy over all the xml, xsl, ddb, and dwp files and ran the InstallDashboard.js file to update it, multiple times. Is there something that someone can help out with this problem. Also, in the InstallDashboard.js I added the script WScript.Echo with a beginning and ending message to let me know when the process has finished. This is very helpful instead of the recommended “watch the hard drive light until it isn’t blinking”. In case anyone wanted to know

First, make sure you install all relevant hotfixes up to 17. Next, you can’t have IE6 on your server that is the UP machine. Start with that and let us know. As for the installdashboard I just right-click and watch the Wscript task. Django

I found out the problem. In the PostSalesOrders dataport the FileFormat wasn’t set to UPXML. Then we changed the PostSalesOrder.xml file to direct it to the Dataport ID="#####". That seemed to do the trick. On another note, I am running IE6 without any further flaws! Call me crazy but I’m not having any issues with it for this test installation. I’ll keep you posted on any further development.

I know - I have a client running with IE with no problems. I love the consistency with this area of Navision. [xx(]