Installing/Running NF 2.60 on Windows 2000

This is probably a less intelligent question :slight_smile: but I can’t seem to get NF 2.60 working properly under Windows 2000. I install it as an Administrator, but now every time a new user logs in and tries to use Navision, (s)he first gets a dialog about ‘starting NF installation’ and then the error message that it cannot be installed (of course because they don’t have rights to do so). Am I installing it wrong or is this a Windows 2000 problem? I don’t remember having this problem under Windows NT…

Hi, You should remove and reinstall the software as Administrator, As I know when you install the Software there will be a question do you want this software use by another user or only for this user? Aloi

Hi, To let another users use navision not solve problem.:((( I make direct shortcut on desctop to fin.exe in instalations directory, and then its work fine. But why???

We had the same problem; when we tried to install; it gave the same error of permissions. I think it also said error 1797; and there was no event in Win2000. Eventually we discovered that the install program was getting stuck when it defaulted to using a large cache, and on our system with 1.5G of RAM, it wanted to try and use 1G of that RAM for the cache. While installing, we changed the cache to much less [here it seems to want to work below 700Mb] to 200Mb and then the installation went smoothly. Since we are only beginners, [with Navision] we had to call in a technical expert and he discovered this.

Hi ICM, i don’t know where the problem comes from, but that will solve it: Delete the Navision Entry in the Start-Menu. Go to the Desktop and create a new shortcut to the fin.exe (in your Navision client-directory). Or create your own Entry in the start-menu. Both should work. Richard