Installing Navision ... for the terminally lazy!

Many sysadmins out there will be aware of a facility in windows active directory called group policy, which among other things allows them to target software to a particular group of users or even company wide. The software has to be packaged as an MSI file and transformations (MST) can be applied to select installation options automatically. It is very useful to roll out or upgrade Navision for an entire site, without having to physically visit a single client computer. I have used this method many times for installations in the past. However, since version 3.7, Microsoft have packaged Navision differently, and it will not now install under group policy. If you do manage to get group policy to accept the package, the installation will fail because by default it tries to install SQL server (which requires additional permissions). My question is, has anyone managed to successfully compile an MSI package for Navision > v3.7 that works well with group policy? Or can someone suggest a workable alternative that would do the same job? edd

Have you tried with SMS ? I have been able to successfully install Navision unattended with some switches. So you should be able to also install that way. Also if you have Installshield V10 you should be able to modify the existing MSI file to set the options you need. I’m using the following options to install navision unattended: /qr INSTALLLEVEL=50 That is installing the client part only.