Installing Navision Attain 3.60 Server

I’m currently installing a new Windows 2003 server to be dedicate to a native Navision Attain Server 3.60. I’ve already a Windows 2003 domain controller with active directory. 1. To get the best performance with Navision server what should be the best role of this new server? (a file server or an aditional domain controller) 2. Is it possible to have automatic logins accessing the application? Something like: fin.exe

  1. Don’t configure the new Navision server as a Domain Controller because that will mean wasting some server resources in such tasks as sychronizing domain information; 2) I’m not sure if you know this or not but Navision offers 2 different User Authentication possibilities. The first is the proprietary Database Server Authentication where Users are created inside Navision’s database. Using this option a User must always supply his/her User ID and Password before accessing a database and these cannot be passed as parameters to the application. The second option is Windows Authentication. This means Navision will use the same Users existing in a Windows Computer or Domain. Inside Navision you simply define which Windows Users have access to the database and their respective permissions. When a User logs in there is no need to supply Navision any credentials because this has already been done when logging on to Windows. If you have Navision’s Product-CD, look in the Doc folder. You will find a PDF-Manual named “Installation & System Management: Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision Database Server” (w1w1ism.pdf). Chapter 4 Security will be interesting regarding your 2nd question and you can also find a lot of information about installation and setup related to your 1st question. If you don’t have the Product-CD, you can download a zipped copy of the Doc folder for version 3.70 (which is nearly the same as yours) from this location: