Installing Navision and retaining mods

I installed v 3.70 and loaded on my database with my license for 3.70 (currently using 3.60) to see what’s new in 3.70. I noticed one of my newer mods did not update to 3.70. When an update from a lower version to a newer version occurs, is there more to the install that loading the new version, installing the user license and restoring the database to the new version? Do I need to be concerned about any mods or should the mods update automatically to the new version? Thank you.

Hi, you have to update the customization manually in new version.

Yes, you need to be very concerned about the mods. Upgrade can be a very simple or very complex task, depending on how your NSC originally designed the implementation. Please check with them before embarking on this process.

Its not there now but at one of the recent partner days Microsoft spoke on the committment they have to making the software metadata driven in design, therefore becoming version aware to enable the auto rebuilding of hooks and links to customised objects to ease any upgrade path. Please excuse me if this is utter rubbish, I am not from the technical side and it it just what I remember! Apparently this already exists in the Great Plains product (so they told us). So sometime in the future [;)] the upgrade task could be considerably easier. Until this date, we will have to make the best of what we currently have.

Thanks for the replies. Again, I just want to see the differences between my current version and the new version. A lot of the mods did come over to the new version (although I did not check out a couple) but the forms designs are correct and report mods in the Object Designer were checked. The mod in question has to do with a dimension value I installed in the old software that did not update to the new software. After my post, I was informed I may need to play with the dimension in Setup. 3.70 will NOT be used until it is properly installed. Just curious…